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Little People Nativity $17.99 @ Family Christian


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Regular Price: $42.99

Starting at: $29.99

- $12.00 (Use Code 128682322, this code can be used on other items as well)


Grand Total: $17.99

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added more info
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If the top one isn't working try this one, 128564369. :)

Only took off $7.50 with the second code.


From customer service regarding the original code: This code has been removed as it was not a authorized family christian discount. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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That link says regular priced item, I guess it was working in error. Customer service told me no codes should work on this item at all and that they removed the other code, but the second code provided did work for me for $7.50 off.


I just finished my conversation with their customer service. I'm really not impressed. Not so much in that they wouldn't honor the code since it was apparently an error, but more the attitude of it. They could care less about my business was basically what I got.

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