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Has anyone seen a deal on a Leapster?


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I haven't seen much, but Walmart has a Leapster 2 in their BF ad as a Thursday 8PM sale for $20. I remember Amazon having good deals last year in their Lightning Deals. Which one are you looking for? The Leapster 2 or Leapster Explorer?


Expires today but Leapfrog.com has the games buy 1 get 1 40% off, free shipping over $40.

I'm not really sure...my son is 4 and traditionally plays the older kids games like Xbox and Ipod aps. But I'm thinking they might be frying his brain! I saw some games at my local Five Below and thought if I get a good deal on the Leapster 2 system, it wouldn't be a bad idea for a change of pace.


I didn't see the one at Walmart, thanks for the information....I'm not really trying to get trampled at the 8:00 opening, but hopefully there will be some left over after the stampeed!

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