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Audio Equipment on Black Friday?


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I need info on speakers/sound bars and on turntables on Black Friday- can anyone help, please?


I'd like to get a basic speaker or stereo system for my parents' TV. My dad's hearing is going, so I'd like to hook up a speaker or two that I can set near his chair, so he doesn't have to turn the TV up so loud anymore. He's tried the wireless headphones, but they're uncomfortable to him so he quit using them. They don't need a built-in DVD player or anything like that. And if I could find something for under $50, I'm thinking of getting one for my place as well, to set next to my exercise bike (unless someone knows of wireless earbuds/small wireless headphones that would work on a TV?)...


Also, I've been trying 2 years straight to get my brother a turntable so he can convert all of his old albums to either CDs or digital-- the first year, the old-fashioned looking stereo was a refurb that didn't work from the get-go, and I just found out that the turntable I bought last year only worked for a little while then quit! :( I've seen a couple turntables in the BF ads I've looked at so far, but I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on this? I need to keep this gift to $40-50 or under, unless I can convince my sister to help (still would probably need to be under $75 even then)...


Any help would be greatly appreciated on these-- thanks in advance!! Oh, and if anyone would like to discuss any other BF audio equipment, feel free to use this thread for that, too!

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