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Makeup Sales on Black Friday


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My daughter is asking for "MAC" makeup. I'm not sure if my wallet can handle that. Were there sales on MAC makeup last year?

I found this place called cosmetic company outlet.. its not a black friday sale but they do have MAC, Estee Lauder & Bobbi Brown with 25 - 40% off retail.


You can go to www.outletbound.com to look for the closest outlet near you. In the "locate-a-store" field, put the name Cosmetics Company or Estee Lauder, and you will get a listing of all the CCO's. Some CCO's are inside outlet stores such as Saks off 5th, Neiman Marcus Last Call, and Nordstrom Rack/ Last Chance. Others are free standing CCO's.



And thank you to everyone else who answered! :)

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