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Post-BF stories


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Guest all2tired

It started last night, I was watching Elf with my kids when I must have dozed off.

I woke up at 1 am and went upstairs, set my alarm and climbed into bed. At 3:30 am

the alarm started blaring loudly but I didn't hear it. Dan then woke up and nudged me hard.

I jumped up and got dressed. No time for a shower this time. Ran out the door, hopped in my car and

discovered my car was on empty. Thinking there are no gas stations open this time of morning

I start praying the fumes will get me to the store and if I need to call Dan to bring me

gas then so be it. I was determined to get that bike that's on sale for $25 for Sydney.


I take a different way to the store in hopes that it's a shorter ride and then it happens.

You know what it is don't you. You think the idiot ran out of gas right? Wrong, I spot

a CVS with a gas station that I forgot they just built. It's open 24 hrs. Yeah! pull in,

fill up with enough gas to get me to the store and back. I could have completely filled my tank but it

was freakin cold this morning and my hands were frozen. I get to the new Walmart that

is opened 24 hrs, grab a cart and start wondering around all the mounds of covered BF blitz items.


I head to the bike section that the Walmart employee insisted that that was were the bikes would be.

Just across from the bike section is this little tiny mound covered up. This lady sitting in a chair informs

me it's the cabbage patch babies for $10. I said great my daughter wanted one of these so I can get the bike and the doll at the same time. Then she tells me that down a little ways is the care bears for $5.

Ok I can use a couple of them for nieces. I ask her if I get the care Bears for her, would she get the cabbage patch dolls for me. She agrees but then suggests we do it in reverse so I'll still be by the bikes.

So now I'm standing by this little mount of cabbage patch dolls waiting to grab 3. 2 for me and 1 for her.

Another lady comes up she wants the hummer RC which is right behind me. I asked her to grab me 2 hummers too. She says she'll grab a hummer for me and this guy if I'll grab her 2 cabbage patch babies. I said ok. The guy is thanking me for asking her to grab one for him too. So now I have to get 5 cabbage patch babies. 2 for me, 1 for the lady with the care bears and 2 for the lady with the hummer. More and more people are crowding around this little mound of cabbage patch babies. Just then, I see a Walmart employee and ask him where the bikes are.

He said oh they are across the store in Lawn and garden. My heart sunk and I must have had a really pitiful look on my face. I looked at the guy who that lady is getting the hummer for and I said please please if you go get me the girls 20" bike, I'll get you your 3 cabbage patch babies. He looks at me like he really wants to help but can he trust a stranger to get for him the one thing that he's in the store for? He decides to help me. man I must have looked really pitiful either that or he's just a really nice guy. (cute too) It's now 5 am and the store employee removes the tarp and I grab 8 dolls. 2 for me, 2 for the lady with the hummer, 1 for the lady with the care bears and 3 for my angel getting Sydney her bike. I then step to the side so the others can grab what's left. The lady with the care bears comes up, hands me 3 I only wanted 1 and she takes her cabbage patch doll. Then the man comes over carrying the bike and he takes his 3 dolls. Then the other lady hands me the hummer. I spot another store employee and wave him over. I told him I'm handicapped and asked if he could help me. He picked up the bike and carried it to the register while I struggled to walk holding on tightly to the cart so I won't fall from the pain in my back and legs.

I pay for everything and then come home. I'm home by 5:30 am not a bad time for black Friday.


Everything has to be left in the car for 2 reasons. 1) I'm hurting too bad to carry them in and 2) the kids slept in the living room last night and I wouldn't be able to get the bags passed them without them waking up. So I leave everything in the car and go in. Let the dog out and feed her. Fix a bowl of soup to eat. I know it was breakfast time but I was hungry and there' enough soup in the fridge to feed an army. Plus I hate cereal and that's all I had left in the house. So I eat the soup and go upstairs to bed. Dan said he'd bring the stuff in for me.


I then climb into bed and fall asleep. I started dreaming about being out shopping and somebody stole all the things I just bought. I'm standing there crying my eyes out and for some unknown reason I had the kids with me. The store's security officer gives me this note to give to somebody else so that they can deal with the person that stole my stuff. The thief was a store employee. He never told me where to go to find this person and then I look at the note and there's no mention of the employee that stole my stuff. The note was full of bets for football games. I can't find the security officer again and I'm standing there crying. That's when I woke up. I start thinking about the things I bought and I realize that 4 cabbage patch babies were rung up and put into my bags. I'm thinking I know I only grabbed 8 how did I wind up with 2 extra? Then it hit me, the lady with the hummers, I never gave her her 2 dolls. Oops rofl


I'm still really tired and I'm going to head back to bed but I did get everything I wanted plus a few things I didn't intend to get

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