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Need tickets for sports, concerts, performances? Save $20 at StubHub.com (exp. 11/30)


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I got this in my e-mail...


Final Savings Opportunity

for New Customers


This is your last chance to get $20.00 off on your first ticket purchase. So, hurry before your exclusive offer expires on 11/30.


Shop online today or call 1.866.STUBHUB to receive your $20 discount and experience why thousands of fans buy and sell tickets on StubHub.


Simply enter FANCODE: ACTIVE at checkout. It's fast and easy!



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The prices for a lot of their tickets are expensive... But remember, the prices are set by the individual, not by StubHub.


Years ago, my wife surprised me with tickets to see Garth Brooks... They were $155 each from a broker on a $38 face-value. And those were nose-bleeds.


Unless you buy right from the venue, tickets are expensive no matter what you do.

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