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Price Matching..all year long?


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is this price matching something that many stores do all year around, or is it just for Thanksgiving sales. thanks.

I believe that most stores which PM for BF do so because they PM all year. However, as you may have noticed in several threads within this forum, the rules and the enforcement of them can vary locally. This means you should read the fine print in the circular, and then double check with your local store. I believe because of increased consumer awareness of PM policies and sadly also because of a few rotten apples, many stores are tightening up their policies. Be certain that you are asking to PM the EXACT same model. Also some stores have certain exceptions which they will not match, such as closeouts, percentage off sales, etc. Some of these conditions are subject to interpretation, so be nice to your overworked and underpaid associate! I have also found that some stores will insist on calling the ad's store to check if the item is still in stock. If the ad store is out, they may not match the price - again enforcement may vary -especially if your associate is tired! ;)


Finally, you should be aware that some stores will even PM groceries. In some markets, Meijer and WalMart will PM groceries!:woot2: :woot2:

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