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Fry's 26' HDTV Monitor LCD TV on Sale $499


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My local (Austin) Fry's B&M has an ad for an unnamed brand 26' HDTV Monitor LCD TV for $499. This seems like a good deal if its a decent brand with good specs.


The only other thing they have about it is that it is 1080i and 720p compatible.


Seems like a good deal to me. . .




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Yeah my buddy just picked one up here in So. Cali - Its a Syntax Olevia LT26HVE


Aspect Ratio 15:9

Brightness 700cd

Contrast 750:1

Pixel Resolution 1280 x 720

Response Time 12ms

Viewing Angle 170 (H) / 170 (V)



2:2/3:2 Pull Down Yes

Coler Temperature Adjust Yes

Digital 3D Com Filter Yes

Progressive Scan Yes

Resolution Support 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i


I/O Port

Audio Input AV/S-Video x 2, Component x 2, Mini - Stereo Jack x 1

Component Input Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr x 2

Composite Video Input RCA x 2

Digital Input DVI x 1

S-Video Input 4-pin DIN x 2

TV System Support NTSC

TV Tuner Input RF x 1

VGA Input VGA x 1

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I saw this exact same model at Office Depot on display and it looked really nice. It was hooked up to a DVD player though so I dunno what it looks like with SD or HD tv hooked up.


I am really really tempted to buy this right now, but I just spent a lot of money on my laptop (a lot for me, a college student) and XMAS is coming up. Anyone see the price of LCD TVs around 26"-32" coming down in price this upcoming year?

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That's a great price for the set. I've been keeping an eye on Fry's prices for a while now, and I was seriously contemplating about jumping on one of these... that is, until I got the 27" for $499AR on BF. It's usually up on outpost.com as well, but right now it's showing up at $799.


Oh, and Ross? You don't need an HD box for this set (if you're not picky) - SD works just fine.

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Damn you Ray, you're supposed to talk me out of buying this :2pimp:


I'll have to see what Fry's return policy is, I just might give this a try.

You know you want it, Ross - you can't pass up a good deal!




Call up your local Fry's first, though - to see if they even have any.


29400 SW Town Center Loop West

Wilsonville, OR 97070

(503) 570-6000

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Oh, and here's their return policy:


What is Fry's Return & Exchange policy?

1. For a refund or exchange, most products may be returned within 30 days of original purchase date. Some other products, such as notebook computers, memory, microprocessors, network-attached storage, CD and DVD recorders, camcorders, digital cameras, air conditioners, and wireless phones may be returned within 15 days of original purchase date. See store management for specific information.

2. Original receipt must accompany any product to be returned / exchanged.

3. Product must be in original box with original accessories, packaging, manuals, and registration card in undamaged, clean, and brand- new condition.

4. Products returned within policy with the UPC Code missing from the box may only be accepted back as an exchange for the exact same item.

5. Product that is returned incomplete, damaged, or has been used -- if accepted -- will require a deduction. This deduction is final. Subsequent return of missing items will not reverse the deduction.

6. Product returned with serial number missing or tampered with will NOT BE ACCEPTED BACK FOR RETURN.

7. If the product returned has any data or information stored on a memory or storage device, Fry’s shall not be responsible for the transfer of such data or information to another product given to the customer as an exchange, or for the loss of any data or information or to maintain the confidentiality of any data or information still residing on the returned product.

8. Computer software, video games, audio CDs, VHS videos, and DVD videos are returnable only if unopened.

9. Defective computer software, video games, audio CDs, DVD videos, and pre-recorded videos will be exchanged for the exact same item only.

10. Product using accessories such as laser toner or ink cartridge toner, media, batteries, film, etc. must be returned with the accessory in factory-sealed condition or will require a deduction for a replacement.

11. Refunds will be issued as follows: (1) Check purchases by check (2) Credit card purchases by credit issued to the credit card used in the original purchase transaction (3) Cash purchases by cash, unless the refund is over $500, which will then be refunded by a check mailed from Fry’s Home Office.

12. Refund checks are mailed the 10th day from the date merchandise is returned.

13. Service, delivery, and installation charges are non-refundable once performed.

14. Special order items and cut cable/wire are non-returnable.

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