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What time is everyone heading out?


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Well..now that i've seen the computer at BB onsale for 149.00...I will be heading out of here probably early. They just opened a BB at our mall about 2-3 months ago...so its new. Theres only one way in from the outside except thru the employee entrance door out back. I REALLY need a new puter. I have an HP from year 2000. lol. only 64MG...so even if its only 256mg's....its better than what I have now! hahahahaha I only use it for internet and school work anyhow. This old one will go to the kids for games. Anyhow...I will be shopping the Victoria Texas Best buy, is anyone gonna be shopping in Victoria too??? I know there are lists...but their so long to shift thru. I saw several from texas...anyone from or near Victoria??

I will be at best buy early!!!


Would like to grab that mp3 player for 39.99 too! Think if i can get a sitter to get here..dh and i will take turns sleeping in the car. hahahaha


so I'm heading out by 2am i guess!

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