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ereader for kids

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never heard of an ereader that cheap, even the cheapos. THe cheapest kindle is 79 and that is barebones with half the space and half the battery life. I don't recommend any other ereader, you have to realize the reader goes with where you want to buy books. If you buy books from amazon, you have to use the kindle, If you buy from barnes and noble you have to buy the nook, if you only buy from sony, you have to buy a kobo. You can't buy a reader from one place and books from another.
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Amazon sells refurbished in their outlet also. I guess from teh library you could use several different models. I'm prejudiced. I ahve a kindle keyboard and my son has a fire. One phone call to amazon with a problem and they send out a new one. Can't beat their customer service. They may sell a baby kindle refurbished. YOu'd have to look in the outlet or call them. They offer them to previous kindle owners at a discounted price of 40 or 60 depending on the model.
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