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What did Santa bring you?


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I rec'd many wonderful gifts, but I have to tell you about the most thoughtful, special gift from my older brother and his wife. My favorite uncle passed away last spring. He was very close to me and my family. My SIL took the flowers from the coffin arrangement after everyone left the cemetery. She had jewelry made with the dried flowers. DD and I rec'd bracelets, DS rec'd a necklace, and DH a key chain. I don't know how to attack a pic from my computer (not a URL). Other gifts I rec'd were: the softest, most luxurious throw, a leather cold necklace like this http://www.carolineandco.com/p-1095-leather-cord-charm-necklace-with-pearl-clasp-tell-your-story.aspx , Thymes powder and lotion, $$, silver cross and chain, and a stocking full of special soaps and candy. Blessed year indeed!!



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