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Toshiba Thrive


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Looking for a deal on a 16gig Toshiba Thrive - they're $399 everywhere - looking to get a deal for my brother. We won't actually be seing them until the weekend of New Years so I'm hoping if there's nothing between now and Christmas there may be an after Christmas special somewhere.


Any sales, coupons, one day deals you see - i'd love a heads up!


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I'm a little peeved. The offer says "after easy rebate. Plus get a $50 VISA gift card" - I thought the wording was a little unclear so I called customer service yesterday to confirm it was for both a rebate and the gift card - after going to her Supervisor, she said; "we all read it the same way you do - that it's for both - but when the deal is actually posted you'll be able to click on offer link and get the details for it". Now I would think that they would know what the offer was - but apparently not - cuz when I did go to place the order today I was disappointed to discover is was only the $50 Visa gift card. It's still a nice deal - but I just wish their CS people had the facts yesterday as I shared this "deal" with several other people :(
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