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Wii Nunchuks & Rechargable Batteries


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I'm looking for 4 Nunchuks (I heard the colored ones were no good, and to stick with the regular Wii one's), and 4 Wii Remote Rechargables. I seem to keep missing the deals. If anyone runs into them, please let me know. Thanks! :D



*I know some rechargables come with the storage unit (plugs into the wall, not the Wii) for the remotes, but I need one that also holds the nunchuks.

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I noticed some of the best stuff in all categories was gone later in the day (like Star Fox that I wanted). Must have had limited numbers. They had better stuff this morning...sorry!


If you run across a Nyko set, they usually have good reviews, but I can't speak for them. We have a GameGEAR and the batteries work great. We've tried 3 different brands and they are by far the best we've tried. No idea on the Nunchucks, I've only bought Nintendo brand.

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