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I think our tree grew...lol


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About a month ago I told my husband I needed to change the living room around to make room for our tree (fake). I complain every year because there isn't much choice in how things get set up. Off the living room is a bedroom door, a double entry to the kitchen, a stairway to upstairs, front door, 2 furnace vents, and a coldair return to work around. Since we've been here (9 years) the tree is usually in the same corner. I think one year it was in a different spot because we had a different tv and other furniture.


So, he tells me he'll change it around this year. I let him. We end up not having a spot for our wooden rocking chair. Oh, well. We'll have to manage when we have company. The spot he picked for the tree is a little off to the left of "his chair". I tell him he won't be able to recline or put the foot rest up. He doesn't believe me. I've had this tree for about 15 years.


I just put the tree up. He won't be able to recline.


He worked an overnight shift last night so when he gets up this afternoon I wonder what he'll think. We usually leave the tree up until mid January. lol


Can't wait until we move. This was our first house and we didn't know any better. Next time Christmas set up will come to mind when looking.

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