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Ends today BOGO free bathandbodyworks.com


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That code is suppsed to be: Free Gift w/ $10 Purchase

Interesting how it gave you three free. It's also supposed to give you Free Shipping on $50 Order.

GREAT deal, btw!


Another code


Buy one item, get 3 Free




Must add 4 items to cart


I added 4 of the buy one get one items and my total is:


Merchandise Subtotal $9.50

Estimate Shipping & Handling $6.99

Sales Tax $0.85

Total Order Cost $17.34


Not a bad deal for 4 items!

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There actually IS a free gift in the above order. Many items are on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free, so if you add, for example, 4 shower gels and the code to your cart it automatically takes off the initial 2 free items then gives you another as the free gift. This leaves you with the cost of only 1 of the items.
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