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11/15/11 Lightning Deals in Toys & Games w/CLUES @ Amazon.com


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Today's Lightning Deals in Toys & Games at Amazon.com are as Follows... *NOTE: The Times are in the Pacific Time Zone - If you Live in the Eastern Time Zone - add 3 Hours to the times Listed - If you Live in the Central Time Zone - add 2 Hours to the times Listed...


Here are the Clues:


7:00 AM PST

A new firing system that will change the way you shoot forever!


9:00 AM PST

Take a trip to the BERRY BITTY MARKET for a sweet treat or something good to eat!

(*MY Guess: Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Market Playset)


11:00 AM PST

Designed with entertainment in mind


1:00 PM PST

All aboard for a fun ride to school.


3:00 PM PST

Catch the Wave of collecting fun


*It's Fun to try and Guess what each deal will be! :yup: Any guesses?



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9 am: Ditto your guess.

11 am: No idea.

1 pm: Could be one of those FP little people school buses.

3 pm: Squinkies? Redakai? I don't know what else kids are collecting these days and the "catch the wave" isn't jangling any bells for me...unless it's some new line of collectable mini surfboards. :)

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DS has that gun and its no good, buyer beware..(you can still probally cancel) The bullets take HOURS to make and the gun just doesn't shoot well. Its also very hard to get the bullet into the chamber...Just an honest opinion...


I am patiently awaiting the 11am too

Thanks for the Heads up on the gun - that is what I LOVE so much about this Site - we are all honest about things with each other - and that helps a LOT by saving us the headaches of buying a "Not so Great" Item! :yup:


The 11am Deal has me STUMPED! Can't wait to see what it is, either! ;)

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1pm - Sesame Street Sesame Street School Bus


List Price: $17.99

Amazon's Price: $17.99

Lightning Deal Discount: - $7.20

Lightning Deal Price: $10.79 (40% off)


*Wish I had been here for that one! Stupid work!!! :(


*Next Deal: My guess is one of the DC Universe Classics Wave Figures... (But then again - so far I have ONLY gotten 1 right!) ;)

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