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i hope this is the right place to post. i think that i am the only one left in the universe that doesn't have some type of wifi thing in the house and i am clueless as to what to buy. i am thinking about purchasing a laptop or an ipod touch for xmas but i have no clue as to what type of router to buy. i want to get a good deal, of course, but i also want to get one that i won't have to replace in a few months. any suggestions? we have a wii and a dvd player so i don't know if that makes any difference. thanks in advance!
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Any type of router will work.Ive owned belkins before and i currently have a netgear.They all do the same thing.I got my netgear at WM for $30.We have 5 laptops Ipod and Xbox usually all going at same time and dont have a connection problem.Im not sure of the difference in the more expensives ones.FYI we do own 12 Wi-Fi products that sometimes all run at the same time and still no connection or speed issues.
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thanks! the expensive ones say on the box about speeds, so that was one question, but are there advantages to getting the more expensive ones?

I honestly dont know.I guess with any product you buy im sure the more expensive ones are better but i guess that just depends on what you use it for.I stream music and movies.Downloads songs burn things my son uses XBox live we you tube and its works well.Now i guess maybe if you burn music or download tons of stuff at once and want split second times i guess maybe a more expensive would be better but for the average person anyone will do.


This is the one we have.Its on first floor and my computer is on second floor.This one also has awesome reviews.HTH


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