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any done with Shopping?


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I am finished with the big gifts. I found a 19" tv for under $100.00 today at target so I grabbed it. The boys and DW are done. I started in May when Laptops were on a really good sale. They are more powerful and have more memory than mine so I got them so far I haven't seen them cheaper for the memory and dual core. Ds 14 got a nook color, when they went on sale and Ds17. got his tv and dvd player. Dw wanted a calphalon cooking set, I found one at kohls on sale plus I had a 30% coupon and 20.00 Kohls cash plus got 50.00 more.

I plan on doing bf for the smalls but now if I don't get the price busters I still feel I got great prices. Besides it isn't worth lining up for 1 or 2 items and not getting them and missing family time.

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