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KB Toys/ Bill Me Later


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Has anyone ever used this feature at kbtoys.com? I was reading a little about it just now on the site and I am wondering if I can defer payment on some things that I am sure won't go on sale BF. Has anyone ever done this billmelater thing?



I just wanted to tell everyone that I just used the bill me later option and it's very simple to do. You have to get approved to do it, but it's a quick and painless thing to sign up for. It works the same as having a credit card, but you don't use one. When you go on the sight for the bill me later, they will walk you through the process. You can use this service with alot of other stores. Walmart.com is one of them!!!!!!!!!!!! You can check out the actual websight at: www.bill-me-later.com/wss/index.do . I will be using this for more of my Christmas shopping this year!!! Just like with any credit shopping, spend wisely!:idea:
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