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Woot Local Deal


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Woot has quietly and I mean QUIETLY open up their local Woot Deal . What the heck.... !! We Californian LOVE group deal ! Shessh. They don't offer their own deal, it is more like they offer deals from other group deal site. They got Dallas , New York , Seattle and St.Louis market covered.....


Ick.... I have more group deal link than I can keep up with. Good thing they dont' offer their own local deal ,yet , otherwise I have one MORE password I have to remember of. :P

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Just another local deal aggregator site. Like you said, no deals of their own - they just make $ when you buy one of the other site's deals through their site via affiliate links, just like we do on GD.

Hi Brad .... I know.. It just getting really crowded with all of them there, isn't there . ? LOL.

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