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Leapster Software Sale @ Circuit city


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I got some leapster software at circuit city store today for $14.99 - $16.99. They also had some Leap pad books ranging from $5.99 - $9.99. Those were well picked already but still couple of titles left. Hope some of you will still get some. :)
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Can you please post the titles of the Leapster games you found on sale?


What a great deal, thank you! My niece will be very excited!



I got 1st grade, Finding Nemo and Spiderman.

Did anyone got the sale since it is almost 10 days later.

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I did, thank you!


I found The Incredibles for $19.99 and First Grade for $14.99... that's the cheapest I have seen these games. I have a feeling with the new system out the original Leapster games will be getting marked down.


Thanks again!

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