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NOTE: Questions about Shopping Lists, E-mail Alerts, etc...?


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We know a few of you are having problems with the shopping list feature not recognizing you, as well as the main BF site being down because of all the traffic.


Rest assured that we should have everything taken care of in plenty of time before BF. You can still view the lists now, the scans are still available here on the forum, etc...


Things may be slow right now because of all the traffic but we're working on it. We still have over 3 weeks until BF, so we'll have things ready to go in advance.


You'll be able to create your shopping lists ahead of time and be notified when items are available online. Just be patient, give us a few days to get this server situation handled and then we'll help those of you who are having problems get things working again with plenty of time to spare :)

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For those who are having trouble getting the shopping list feature is working, you can try the following:


1. Click the "Log Out" link in the upper right corner of the forum.

2. Log back in to the the forum, be sure to click the "Remember Me" box.

3. Go back to the Shopping List page.

4. It should recognize you. If not, try refreshing the window.

5. If it still isn't working, try another browser (Internet Explorer users, try Firefox) and see if you get the same problem. If you do, it's likely a problem with your PC not storing the cookies correctly.

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