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Letters From Santa


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I am pretty new to this website and have truly enjoyed browsing it, so i wanted to share what I do. I do my own and for my nephews and nieces and my friends daughter. In fact my friends daughter has already asked about her letter from Santa. I get special paper with Santa on it and personalize each letter to the children and really emphasize about doing well in school and being kind and nice and helpful to others. Then I make up address labels to each child and then I make up return address labels that just say "Santa Claus, North Pole".


I also take it one step further and put magic reindeer food (oatmeal & glitter)in it and explain that they are to sprinkle it on their lawn on Christmas Eve to help guide the reindeer to their house. The children just LOVE it.


You can buy glitter at the dollar store sometimes and just by cheap generic oatmeal, then put them in little snack size baggies.


It is the best feeling knowing you are making a child sooo happy and that they wait for their letter and magic reindeer food and not to mention helping that child believe another year.[/font]

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