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new camcorder? help please

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ok, so we are going to crawl out from under our rock and finaly buy a new camcorder. the one that we have is the kind that still uses the vcr tapes( i know i know don't laugh too hard)LOL. SO we are LOST when it comes to all this up to date stuff. I have been looking on wally worlds site at a few, but i realy don't what i need to look for and such. I'd like one that takes video and also still pictures.

I read where if you are recording and you pause it, once you try to download the video it makes alot of short videos instead of just one... is that true? if so i realy dont like that, and how would i stay away from that feature?

any help, i'd thank yall.

this is the one i was looking at, because i read where you can record up to 12 hours on built in memory??!! but, after looking at youtube at it it seems REAL small... what do yall think?


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I did look at some of the "pocket" cameras.. it looks like the Sony flip camera hd touch doesn't take still photos( if i read it right). I'd like to be able to use one machine for both photos and video, if possible. You are right it does look sleek, and sharp tho.

I have looked so much lately that my eyes look like this:eyepoppin after trying to figure everything out that the new camcorders have to ofer and how to get them to "work" lol

I'm afraid that once i get one, i won't be able to download it to a computer and burn it to a DVD easy enough, as i don't have a clue what i'm doing. lol

anyone know if it's pretty easy to do?

I guess we'd record maybe 10 mins at a time.. up to 45 mins at a time maybe...

thanks BellaVita for the advice!.. may have to look at the flip cams too.

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