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DVD player?

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I need some advice on buying a DVD player. I'd prefer to get it from Best Buy since I have a few BB gift cards, but any place will do. About a year ago I got a very cheap $20 Coby DVD player, but it's horrible. DVDs skip all the time and the remote is crappy.

I don't need blu-ray or HDTV.

The remote must have an open/close button.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

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Guest bluecamel1913
Eject buttons on DVD player remotes are becoming extinct; that being said, it doesn't seem like you are looking for a top-of-the-line player anyways. I would start with the refurbished players and check their remotes at Best Buy. Personally, I'd just get an old Playstation 2, I used mine as a DVD player for years until I got a PS3.
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Or a Pawn shop... they usually have some good deals. I buy almost all of my dvds from a pawn shop where i live because they are only $2 a piece and i search until i find movies that are practically brand new. I save a lot of money on movies this way.
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