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DOTD! Random Crap (But you have to Play a Game!) $3.00 @ woot.com


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Woot.com has their yearly April Fools Trick going on- today they have Bags of Crap but you only have so many for each level of a game they have put up - I can't get past level one, myself! :mad: But it IS fun to try! :tongue1:

Random Crap


* + $5 shipping





3 Random Crap




Bag o’ Crap LXII: Crapril Showers

Speed up our servers? We’d rather slow down our customers.


You know, the typically uncouth scramble for Bags O’ Crap demeans us all (if it’s even possible to demean someone who either sells or buys something called a Bag O’ Crap). It’s frustrating for consumers, taxing for our servers – and does nothing to distribute Bags O’ Crap according to the diligence or merit of the customer.


So today we’re trying something new. Make sure you’re logged in. Click the “I WANT ONE” button. That will usher you into the world of Crapshoot, America’s slowest-throwing Flash game sensation. You’ll assume the role of a trusty freight snail and deliver Bags O’ Crap to everyone who wants one, until you die. Weep not for the snails. They’re bred to deliver crap. It’s all they know. It’s all they love.


Each level of the game has a certain number of Bags O’ Crap allotted to it. When the Level 1 bags are sold out, we’ll move on to Level 2, and so on. You have to complete that level of the game in order to buy a Bag O’ Crap. If you fall short, you’ll have to start again at the beginning. It’ll go on like that through Level 10, when all the Bags O’ Crap will be sold out.


And you thought we couldn’t make this Bag O’ Crap thing any more infuriating! Crappy April Fool’s Day, suckers!




I. Thou shalt expect nothing beyond ONE bag of some kind and THREE crappy items.


II. Thou shalt not whine and complain when some people’s crap turns out to be nicer than yours.


III. Thou shalt take a moment to consider whether you might be better off just not buying this crap.


IV. Thou shalt not expect better crap just because things are different this time. Crap is crap.


V. To paraphrase Stephen Stills, shalt thou not get the crap you want, want the crap you get.



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this link was posted in the forums and it takes you to the buy page. you might have to try a few times before it works




If the kid deal pops up, keep reloading until the bag of crap pops up and buy it


It'll show up under your account as a bag of crap for 8.00


Worked for me :D

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