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I need a favor on Facebook guys!

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So last year at the Beale Street Music Festival we saw a GREAT mash up band called Rock Sugar. I don't know how many of you have heard them, but we absolutely love them!! They have a great show and they are very nice guys, we met them after their set.


They all have a very musical background and do professional voice overs as well. Jess Harnell their singer is Ironhide in Transformers and was Wakko Warner from the cartoon Animaniacs. They have many great accomplishments under their belts.


The 2011 festival is the last weekend in April and is part of the Memphis in May International Festival. There are 60+ bands this year in 3 days, it's amazing! They have told us this year that they are no longer allowing artists to play consecutive years. Much to our dismay we have found a few in the line up who are.

Rock Sugar has MANY disappionted fans this year as they were not invited to play after being there last year.


Could you guys go to our "WE WANT ROCK SUGAR" page and like/join it?

Its just to prove a teeny point (LOL) and get the word out further about the group. They are starting to catch on like wildfire in the south!


They mash up 80's pop and hair band songs, which are quite really fun! You can youtube them and see!


Pretty Please, Ive never asked for likes/joins/votes on here before and could sure use the help!





This is my personal Fav!

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Seems as if FB is wonky tonight... you may have to search on there for the page. Others have had a ton f trouble wth it too unfortunately. I had to add them to my page and then from there add them manually to the Rock Sugar page. This will undoubtedly affect how many join... ugh... BUT TY TY TY
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