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HP ZD 8000 notebook

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Any deals out there? Currently being customized for the boss. Looking at about $1377.00 w/1 year full warranty.




P.S. This was not my original idea. I'm just trying to get the best deal. Open to any suggestions.

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HPShopping.com had a $50 coupon NB3334 but it expired 10/9/2005 :(

HP ZD 8000 w/ P4-2.8GHz HT, 17.0" WXGA+ Wide Viewing (1440x900), 512MB DDR2, 60GB, DVD/CDRW, FREE Upgrade to 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon X600, 56k/NIC, free 802.11b/g wireless, XP Home, 12 cell battery for $1249 - $50 coupon code: NB3334 - $50 rebate (exp 12/31) = $1149 w/ free shipping. FREE Second 12 Cell Lithium Ion Battery!


I love HP/Compaq laptops but this model is huge, hot, heavy and I believe uses a desktop CPU which kills battery life. If you're looking for a good balance between power and portability take a look at this deal.

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Thanks, Ross. I'll keep this in mind.


Portability isn't of primary concern. It's more of a "just in case he ever wants/needs to work from home" type thing, so weight isn't an issue. It will seldom be run off battery. Screen size is a big deal. It needs to be big and the system needs to be fast. Aesthetics are a big deal. It needs to look like an impressive unit. ;)

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