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Anyone heard anything about The Children's Place $4.99 Jean Sale?


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I was just at my store and the deals stunk! They had a bunch of stuff 30% off but not that great of a selection nor variety! Mine had a small selection of jeans for 9.99 plus 30% off, lots were regular price. I'm upset as I was there on Monday and the clearance stuff was 50% off and they had a couple things I wanted but forgot my coupon. Came back today and the stuff is only 30% off :(
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I was a bit shocked to see the deals at my store stunk as well. Looking at my receipts last year...I struck gold on Dec. 28th.


But...forum archives tell me that mid-late January is when we'll see the 2.99 and 3.99 sales (which is what I scored on last year.)

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