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Very last minute help - what stores can you check in store status online?


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I know Target you can usually check the in-store status of items online. Are there any other retail stores like this?

My Step Brother and his wife are on a serious hunt for two very specific Zhu Zhu pets. I told them they can order them online w/ 1 day ship, but that would be about $20 each zhu zhu - they aren't that badly needed though, lol.


I'm sitting at home, and mostly on hold, calling the majority of the retailers now. But it would be nice to look online instead, as this 'hold' business is a little irritating.


Fwiw, they are hunting down the Prince & Princess Zhu Zhu pets.

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Thanks guys! I did check BB for the heck of it - nope. I've called probably over 30 stores now!!! Low and behold the very last store I called had one zhu zhu left and it was the princess - sis-in-law is not willling to drive the distance though to get it (I know I wouldn't), as it's about 1 hour away. So, I'm done, I tried. lol


Thanks anyways. :)

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