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Get $2 in MP3 Downloads Amazon.com


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I know this is a stupid question but can you put MP3 downloads from Amazon.com on an iPod?

it's not a stupid question. some music is drm. but i have easily put downloads from amazon onto my ipod. bought my daughter the tangled soundtrack for 99c after the $3 code awhile back and i put it in my itunes and on my ipod with no problem.

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Ok... I updated the link above.


I think the problem was that it was the page that I personally used when I added the code and it had my little message of "success... etc". You guys entering the code directly on that box gave an error because it was the second time the code would be entered... Just a theory; not sure if this is actually the case. The link I added now does not show up my box anymore and should work with only one entry. Let me know if it works.

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