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$7.99 iHome iHM2 Portable iPod, iPhone & MP3 Player Stereo Speaker System


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Anyone ever ordered from here? I just put an order in for 2, what is their shipping like. This is a nice deal, almost seems too good to be true....

I ordered from them two days ago and already received my shipping info. That was my first order with them.

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allshoppedout ....im ordering now..at first got weird error with characters n stuff but refreshed and working now...thanks op


# Portable stereo speaker system for your MP3 player

# Clean contemporary design complements any decor

# Line-in jack for other iPod and MP3/CD players

# Access to all iPod/MP3 controls

# Includes protective carry case

# Sliding in/out tray to hold MP3 player

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ok anyone know this site ???? i feel like i just got scammed... took all info cc# etc...once i processed order and submitted all payment info it gave me popup saying deal expired ... funny how it did it after It took my personal info...

The deal was a one day deal. At midnight est it changed to new deals

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wondering why it let me go through the whole order process then ... submitted cc then got to place order page then clicked that and got error popup. Dont think it shouldve let me enter all personal info then reject the order. ill check my cc in in the morning to make sure ....
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