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Looking for 2 things, lego baseplates and waffle iron


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I'm trying to find a deal on lego baseplates (converting a train table to a lego table) and a waffle iron


This is the waffle iron my ex has now...but it's broken (ex wife and daughter love making waffles)


Waffle Iron


so I'd like to get one similar to that one...Amazon's "retail" price of 150 is about 2X what it REALLY is...so I'd like to find a deal if I can

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I just clicked on your link and it came up $64.98 plus free prime shipping. Seems to fit your bill for the waffle iron. Are you a prime member? If you are not a prime member, PM me your email address, and I think I might be able to help you out. :)

Yep, I'm a prime member...


but 65 bucks is more than I want to spend *LOL* I'm a cheap SOB....besides...65 is the "regular" price at Meijer...just hoping to save a few bucks if I can

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