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kohls dollar dilemma

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#1 jenroypa  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 9, 2010 - 6:03 am

I purchased an expensive item around BF that earned me $50 in Kohls bucks, which my dd ended up spending. Problem was item was stolen at shipping center. Contacted Kohls- phone guy said no problem its still coming- wrong. Email said they would credit my card the amount, and if I still wanted item they would give me the original sales price, just contact them with new order and this case #. Great. Redorder it even though price is doubled. Send the note for price adjustment.

Next day get the email saying I earned $100 in Kohls bucks .. Anyone ever have this happen? I weigh the morality of its ok to spend the Kohls $$ bkz this gift is now a xmas gift instead of bday gift since its coming 2 weeks later, and their call rep gave me bad info. What would you do?

#2 momof3luvs1  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 9, 2010 - 6:08 am

If you spend it when you ask for the price adjustment they might deduct that 100 that you spent in kohls cash...

#3 mom2monkiesx3  OFFLINE  


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Posted Dec 9, 2010 - 12:37 pm

Can I ask if this big item was a Kitchenaid mixer? I am in a BATTLE with Kohls.com and UPS over an Artesian Mixer that looks like it was also stolen/lost in shipping. It got to a town about 400mi from me and just stopped there for a week before I called. My item was bought and paid for on NOV 10th..it got STUCK in shipping on 11-17 and didn't move so I called 11-24. They filed a claim with UPS on Dec 1 and now tell me it could take up to 3wks to resolve with UPS and longer than that to refund me! Meanwhile I am out the almost $300 until then. Not only THAT but I ordered a replacement mixer from Amazon (better mixer for a better price actually!) and have had to pay for it too (already got here in the 2 days Prime shipping THANK GOD!) They keep telling me that they cannot refund me in case I end up actually getting the mixer, then I'd have the mixer AND the money...BUT we've both asked UPS to mark the package "return to shipper" if its located because I DON'T WANT IT ANYMORE! :mad: I am so sick of this guilty until proven innocent attitude everyone has...they can clearly tell it never got here but they keep insuniating that it might have ??!?!? In your situation I would probally wait for the adjustment because PP is right they might deduct it. KK is kept track of through their system. Sounds like they've been overwhelmed with shipping issues this season!


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#4 jenroypa  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 9, 2010 - 3:41 pm

No mine was a vaccuum cleaner.. And the UPS center said the box was empty- items missing..I have in writing with a transaction number where their rep said they would make the adjustments so I should be covered.. Since everything is on their card, they wont get a cent until everything is ok.. Of course all their credits/offsets take 14-17 business days...

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