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Princess type dress up clothes..... Need a deal please..


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Not really any help but I bought a ton of dress up clothes for my daughter when halloween costumes went on clearance for 90% off.My kids are too little but they had a ton for 3t and 4t princess dresses and different stuff that I got for like $2 a costume. That would be a good future idea. Good luck to you. Maybe look on ebay for some used ones? Your daughter probably wouldn't know the difference and you could likely get a good deal.
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I like this one at JC Penney!


It's 4 dresses for 24.99 and use code TOYTIME to get 15% off. If you could find a $10 off $10 coupon that would be good too. Just have it shipped to the store for pickup



This site had some affordable dresses:



Here are some more items.




At Disney's website there are some dresses for $14.99 & $16.99



yes i just found these about 1 hour ago, now I am trying to go thru my american express link so I can get 5x the points and looking for a filler to make my order $10 off. Thanks!

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I can't find them online but last night when I was at Walmart they had this little Treasure Chests with all kinds of dress up clothes....they had a Disney Princesses one, a Disney Fairies one, and I even think a Toy Story one for boys....there were several but I just glanced at them since I had no need....I want to say they were $35 but they were so cute in these little chests.


After googling, I found a reference to them having existed at Big Lots for $25.... http://fireflyblog.org/big-lots-deals/

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