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ANY Barbie House?

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My apartment complex did not do a good job advertising the fact they were doing an Angel tree for some of the kids in our complex and today when I checked the mail there was a flier saying there were a few kids left who hadn't been adopted. I went to the office and there were 9 kids, 4 of which had half their list marked off as received. The 5 who had nothing marked off I decided to take on to myself as the deadline is Saturday. Needless to say, there is one little girl who is 7 and the only thing on her list is a Barbie house. I've scoured the Target's, Walmart's and TRU's in the area but no dice. And I can't find anything online either. Can anyone help me out? Are there any kind of other doll houses that FIT Barbie's? It's been years since I've picked up a Barbie and I don't know if there are non-Mattel options out there. Any ideas? All help is appreciated! :)
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Thank you. They don't have it in store and it's out of stock online but last night I stopped by another Walmart to see if I could find one and of course the shelf space for it was empty but I decided to wander around and check the whole toy section AND the price scanner near the toy section and low and behold, someone must not have liked the price because there one sat! I was so excited I started jumping up and down :) So it has been purchased and dropped off at my complex's office for the little girl in my neighborhood who only wanted that for Christmas! :)
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