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miss me jeans


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Harldy EVER. I did pick up 2 pairs of Capri's on 75% off clearance this summer for DD9 (she wears an 8 and they are a 12!) So we have a long time to go before enjoying them. I am wearing a pair today myself but have NEVER seen the adult sizes on a clearance rack in any size and its even hard to find my size in stock full price. The sales associate was drooling and you could tell she wanted them for herself. She goes " I have no idea how these made it on the racks!"


We buy at The Buckle and Dillards


Do places like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Burlington ever get them? We don't have those around here so I don't know..

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BTW I don't necessarily LOVE my MM jeans they have too much stretch in them for my liking..BUT if you like the look and not the price I have some "Almost Famous" jeans that have the look (although not the quality the denim is alot bettter quality on the MM jeans) but they were more than 60% less in price too...HTH I had to have these particular ones because I loved the back pockets. They fit really cute on too..again alot of stretch which I don't like...but trendy for sure..


(I am a pretty strict Lucky jeans girl)

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my fav jeans of all time are the BKE ones that i got at a goodwill store for 2$ each!!! however, after having the third child, my hind-end doesn't fit into them any more:( someone locally was selling a pair of miss me jeans for 40$. i bought them and like the way they fit. i looked today at ross and didn't see any. don't know about the other places cuz we don't have those here.
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