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Teacup Piggy Fashions


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I cannot find these things anywhere....has anyone seen them in store? I've checked Toys R Us locally a few times and our Walmart's don't seem to even stock the pigs. I found Pigs, now need some clothes. Who woulda thunk that we'd be scrambling for PIGS!!!! Thanks!
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Teacup Piggy Fashion Runway Playset

Catalog #: 60-006


$24.99 Was $29.99


* Teacup Piggy Runway

* Cloth hangers

* One costume

* Sunglasses

* Camera & camcorder

* 2 Hair bands




This is the ONLY ONE available at FAO:


Teacup Piggy Fashion Accessory - Pedal Power


$7.99 - no clue what shipping is




Last but not least, check Ebay!



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