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Need to find a 32gb 3rd generation iPod Touch


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Best Buy had a great deal on them last week but I did not act quickly enough. Now I cannot find one except used off Craigs List or eBay. Does anybody know where i can get a new one? Ds 14 will use it for school. I already got one of the new ones on sale for little sister ( shhh) but can't give to her if we don't find him one. He cannot have the camera ipod at school.



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I just bought the refurbished one from Apple for $229.00. I know you said new, but they have a new shell and come with new packaging. They also come with a one year warrenty.


If that doesn't sound good, check out walmart's deal of the day. I bought the previous gen last year for my younger ones there. They may have that again this year, can't hurt to look! Good Luck!

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