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Free shipping on any order @ avon.com


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STOCKING STUFFERS! or Hanukkah Day Gifts (not sure of the proper term, sorry)


Winter Treats Lip Balms


Now $0.49 Was $0.99

Free Shipping on Any Purchase, enter Coupon Code: FREE2010


*Note, this is not a set of 4, you do need to buy each one separately - still not a bad price for them to be shipped to your house. :)



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Holiday Luxuries Cosmetics Bag

Now $2.99 Was $25






Quilted Train Case


Now $4.99 Was $25


* Reviews are EXCELLENT on this!

* Buy this and a bunch of make up or other items and stuff it full for the ultimate gift! :smart:






Lined Lightweight Comfort Clog


Now $6.99 Was $19.99






Another Stocking Stuffer Idea!


ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Travel Brush with Mirror


Now $1.99 Was $5






Apple Spice Hand and Body Lotion


Now $1.99 Was $6





NATURALS Holiday Shower Gel


Now $1.99 Was $6




NATURALS Holiday Shower Gel


Now $1.99 Was $6



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I JUST placed an order 5 minutes ago w/shipping...called them up and they are adjusting the order to free shipping. ;)

Glad they are adjusting it for you.


Everyone please remember, before you place an online order, ALWAYS check out the GottaDeal Coupon Database for coupon codes first! (we do NOT post them all in the online deals forum) {I'm not picking on you Crue!}


GottaDeal Coupons - linked!

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I bought 20 items / stocking stuffers from Avon and used their free shipping code. Spent $11.40 + .98 tax.


FREE2010 Free Shipping Code



http://shop.avon.com/shop/assets/images/prod/PROD_1069897_LG.gifWinter Treat Lip Balms

$0.99 Reg

$0.49 Sale


4 Candy Cane

4 Frosted Cookie

4 Wintermint


$5.88 for 12



http://shop.avon.com/shop/assets/images/prod/PROD_1087156D_LG.gifHoliday Mini Hand Cream


$0.99 Reg

$0.69 SaleReg


3 Vita Moist



$4.14 for 6



http://shop.avon.com/shop/assets/images/prod/PROD_1100445_LG.gifCare Deeply with Aloe 2011 Calendar Lip Balm


$0.99 Reg

$0.69 Sale


$1.38 for 2



20 items for $11.40 MERCHANDISE TOTAL

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