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Pic2Shop app on IPhone!


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Hey folks!! I thought I had posted this via my IPhone, but I can't find the thread, so if this is a dup, please delete this one.



My SIL and my DW introduced me to a Free IPhone App, that price scans items and gives you the prices from numerous on-line stores!!


For example, while shopping last night, we had the Lego Toy Story Train. My DW scanned the barcode, and in seconds, we saw that both KMart and Walmart had it for $60.00! We went to KMart to see if thy would honor the on-line store price and they did! We also got a Crayola Crayon Maker and an Othello game cheaper. Total, we saved over $25.00 on the 3 items!!!


Just remember, these prices are for on-line stores, the regular stores don't have to honor them. This app is Free on The IPhone, I don't know if it's available for Blackberry or Windows, and that there's free Site to Store shipping at Walmart til 12/20! (I believe)


Happy shopping





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