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Kmart gaming coupons?


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Never gotten one of these before...how do they work? Only good on games, or anything in the store? Can you use them right away or do they have a delayed start time like TRU cards? Any sneaky rules to worry about?


Thinking of buying the DSi bundle from them on Friday, comes with a $25 gaming coupon, so just wondering how those coupons work.

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The gaming coupons have saved me alot of money on games over the past 2 months. They can only be used on games. They do have a delay start, though. They usually start on the following Sunday, and do have a fairly long expiration date on them (at least a month). There aren't any fine print rules to get ya, they can be used on any game as long as it cost as much as or more than the coupon price, and can even be combined with other discounts or coupons. Hope this helps.
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