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I'm looking for a great deal/best price on a Zune 16 HD

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Hi! I've been debating on whether or not I should buy an ipod touch or a Zune hd. After hanging out at cnet for a few hours and reading all the reviews, I'm pretty sure that a Zune HD will work for me.


I'm looking for the best deal new or refurb on a Zune 16 HD. I've seen a few on ebay for 119.95 but they don't mention a warranty. If anyone comes across one at a decent price, please let me know.




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As compared to the Sony Walkman.....


I was thinking that I want something that I can download music to, listen to music with or without earplugs, and that is about it. I want to use it when I walk or exercise (when I actually have time for it) and it needs to have a clip or something....and I would love to be able to play music in the bathroom while getting ready for work or taking a bath, etc....or at work....like sit it on my desk...


I was looking at one that had built in speakers and a stand....that would be good...


Oh, there are too many to choose from.....HELP!

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Okay, I need some input about this too. I was thinking of a Sony Walkman S Series....what is the difference between the Zune and the IPod??

Personally, I like the features on the zune and the fact that it'll easily work with the programs I have now. itunes doesn't appeal to me all that much.

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