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iHome products in Black Friday sales?


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If you're talking specifically about the iHome brand, I have this one at work and I use it daily (work-daily anyway) and it is prefect for my office, the sound is excellent: http://blackfriday.gottadeal.com/black-friday-757-iHomeiH110ClockRadio.html


If iHome brand isn't a requirement, I just bought two of these (the Memorex in the bottom right) at the pre-BF Target sale for gifts and having just tested one out, they seem very durable and the sound is great: http://blackfriday.gottadeal.com/target1121.php?page=12


As far as the Memorex ones go, however, I am after 2 of these on BF but bought the Memorex in the event I can't nail these down on Friday. I have one of these at home and I LOVE it. Of the three I've listed, I think this one is the best value for the money, I wish I'd gotten mine at this price: http://blackfriday.gottadeal.com/black-friday-7029-SonySpeakerDockClockRadioforiPodoriPhone.html


I hope that helps!

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