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Welcome to the "Online Black Friday Sales" Sub-Forum


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This is the 4th year we've had this particular sub-forum. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, this is where we'll be posting every bit of information we receive about online Black Friday sales and deals (and it will also be used for Cyber Monday).


As always, to keep things organized and to prevent spamming, only the moderators and myself will be able to create new threads in here. Everyone can reply to the existing threads however. If you know of a specific online Black Friday special, either PM me with the information or (preferrably) use the contact form on the Black Friday site. We'll take a look at it, and if it looks good, it'll get it's own thread in here.


I will attempt to only post information confirmed by the retailers or our affiliate reps to avoid confusion. If we make guesses/predictions based on past years, we'll be sure to label them as such so nobody is disappointed if they don't come true.


New this year: we are going to create threads for each store and label them with just the store/site name. Once the sale goes live, we may update the title so you can see at a glance which sales have started.


Finally, this is a very popular sub-forum, but it's useless if we have to close the forum because of server load. So PLEASE do not constantly refresh threads every few seconds. This really is only an issue when the items go on sale (midnight Wednesday/Thursday), but take it easy on the server. Thanks.

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