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Last Black Friday T-Shirts Available for $25 Toys-for-Tots Donation [ALL GONE!]


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OK, I have the last 10 Black Friday t-shirts available today. These are all XL shirts, so keep that in mind.


Rather than give them away or sell them outright, here is what we're going to do: each shirt is availble for $25 (includes shipping). This must be sent to me via PayPal. After all money is collected, I'll make a single donation in the name of the site/forum to Toys-for-Toys.


So if you'd like one of these shirts, send me a PM that includes your full mailing address. I'll reply to that PM with the PayPal address to send your payment to.


Again, there are only 10 left, so it's first come, first served.


Important: Once you get a reply PM from me confirming your order, you have 2 hours to send your PayPal payment. If you do not send it within 2 hours, the next person on the waiting list will get a chance, so be sure you can send PayPal right away before PMing me.


Ready. Set. Go.

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