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A good First electric guitar?

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If you go on musician's friend.com they have really good buys. I bought my son's there when he was 10, it's a BC Rich warlock and came with a bag, we already hadan amp. I paid 199 for it I think. I bought his band instrument off there, a trumpet, and I got the info on what the music store was renting them to own and got the next step up for half the price. They have very good deals, I still get sale magazines from them every month. Do not go to walmart or any other chain store and buy one like a first or any of those. My son's band teacher told us they try to trick you, like changing one letter of their name to make you think it's a good brand. Like Blaesing instead of Blessing. You can get a good small starter amp on mf for about 30, and some of the sets come with one. THey had a Les Paul starter set and it came with one. Our son took lessons and they can't learn if the instrument isn't real and not a toy.
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thanks I will look on that site, never heard of it. Our son isn't in the band or anything, this will be just something to "play" around with at home...

About the ones walmart sells, we looked at one.... but it didn't look like it would last very long.

thanks again.

Their sister site is Giardinellis.com. They also have amazing deals. It's all good quality stuff that will last.

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