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Digital Camera for 7 year old

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I have been looking around for something for my 6 yr old...who surprised us one day asking for her own camera? We've had the kid camera in the past...which served it's main purpose of looking cute, being a kid camera, and it was indestructible. For us...I've been looking at reviews and such...and wanted something pretty uncomplicated for her...as even if we purchase a lower-priced camera...she doesn't need all the options...and if we get one with alot of options...it has the potential to "go into" an option she doesn't know how to use, and then of course, Mom has to fix it.


We ultimately decided on a Kodak $59 camera from Toys R Us online. At our local store, they did not have it instore. Several parents gave it good/great reviews on the TRU website...and I think it will be simple enough for her to use. I see that there are cameras with more capabilities on sale this season...BUT, for reasons specified above, we wanted something more simple. It has a case with it and 2 rechargeable batteries, I believe. Haven't rec'd it yet...but it's on its way. Several of the reviewers had 6-7 yr olds...so I believe this will be a good fit for us.


I've had 3 Kodaks in the past. We don't want to spend mega-bucks on a camera...as we are on the go alot..and don't want to carry something heavy or expensive into amusement parks, water parks, rivers, etc. If something happens to a camera we spent less than $100 for, I won't croak! I've been pleased with all our Kodaks. WE've upgraded twice...and one camera had a shutter problem after almost 2 yrs use. We felt it cheaper and less hassle to purchase another one rather than try to get it fixed.

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