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DSi or DSiXL


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Amazon has the anniversary edition mario red DSIXL with mario cart for 179.99 which is like getting the game for $10...plus the Mario RED DSIXL has 25th Annivesary and 3 mario symbols on the front (its neat looking)


We got ours in on MONDAY and the screen on the XL really is a BIG difference in size. But take into consideration its also a little heavier..


This is the best deal I've found unless Walmart or Amazon do something for Black Friday (which its my prediction they WILL but it will be on the DSI not XL...


Sears has a BF deal on the DSI but I am not for certain what exactly it was (I don't do lines on Black Friday believe it or not....I'd rather spend $10 more dollars...)

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So, the only difference is the size? Do they all have the same features?

They do not. The DS/DS Lite share most features and the DSI/DSI XL share features including a camera and wi-fi access.


The DS/DS Lite play DS games and the older gameboy advance games; the DSI/DSI XL only play DS games. In my opinion, I would only do a DS for a younger child just starting out in handheld games. For anyone else, I would do the DSI/DSI XL.

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