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Dsi or dsi xl


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Unfortuantely I will be having major back surgery the monday before black friday so I have to do all my shopping this week and next. my daughter wants the Dsi xl I am seeing no deals on those but lots on a DSi what is the difference ?


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The screen is quite a bit bigger and the stylus is larger/different. If you decide the DSIXL Amazon has a bundle right now on the bright Mario Red 25th anniversary edition (engraved on front) WITH Mario Kart for 179.99. Both my kids wanted DSI's and since the XL was just $10 more we opted for the XLs


Here is the link I used to decide http://www.gamespot.com/news/6238345.html

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I don't know if it still available but Dell had a coupon to use on the Anniversary bundle for the DSi XL which brought it down to $166 then you add tax for me the total was $174 which is less than what Amazon has it for. I ordered it on Saturday. Will look to see if I can find it.


It's sold out on Dell now, but I would keep checking they usually bring their stuff back quickly and hopefully they will have another coupon.

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